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Hawaiian Petroglyphs

Some of the most spectacular rock art in the United States is found throughout the Hawaiian Islands. This unique and well made rock art is very different than the rock art found on the continental U.S. and yet there are similarities in subject matter that indicates a common oneness between diverse ancient cultures.

Common subjects of Hawaiian petroglyphs are canoes, paddles & sails; stick figure and solid body anthropomorphs, family groups- males, females and smaller children; supernatural beings with horns, bird heads or wings; dogs, turtles and chickens are found, but fish petroglyphs are rare. Common are cryptic symbols of curving lines, dots, circles and amorphic shapes... all of which are often combined and superimposed on one another.

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Why no 'shopping cart', why call my order in? Each carved stone is individually made. Because of the unique characteristics of each individual stone pieces carved with the same petroglyph image appear different from each other. The pictures on the carved stone pages show the actual items for sale... the phone call is to confirm the items you have selected are still available and have not been previously sold.

Hawaiian petroglyph man

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Item: #A833
Culture: Hawaiian
Size: 11.3"x11.5"

Triangular body anthropomorph.
This human like figure with stick-like arms and muscular legs is located near Waikota, Hawaii.

Hawaiian petroglyph turtle
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Item: #A878
Culture: Hawaiian
Size: 11.4"x11.4"

A sea turtle.
This petroglyph turtle is carved into the lava rock near Puako, Hawaii.

headdressed Hawaiian petroglyph replica

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Item: #A822
Culture: Hawaiian
Size: 7.5"x11.3"

This human-like figure is wearing what appears to be a headdress. It may represent a ceremonial figure or a person of authority. The original petroglyph is carves into the rock near Kaupuleho, Hawaii.

Hawaiian petroglyph symbol

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Item: #A836
Culture: Hawaiian
Size: 12.5"x4.6"

A symbolic image.
As did other cultures, the ancient Hawaiians left us enigmatic images that we ponder the meaning of today. This symbolic petroglyph is carved near Puuloa, Hawaii. 

Hawaiian paddlemen petroglyph

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Item: #A819
Culture: Hawaiian
Size: 11.4"x11.4"

Two paddlemen.
These two paddlemen or paddle dancers are carved in the rock near Paniau, Hawaii. 

Hawaiian petroglyph gourd dancer

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Item: #A754
Culture: Hawaiian
Size: 10.0"x11.0"

Gourd dancer.
This petroglyph image carved into the stone at Puuloa, Hawaii, probably is a depiction of a gourd dancer.

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hawaiian petroglyph dog

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Item: #A861
Culture: Hawaiian
Size: 11."x6.0"

Hawaiian dog.
This petroglyph dog found Puako, Hawaii, was probably made in the 1800s.  $42

Hawaiian petroglyph canoe

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Item: #A740
Culture: Hawaiian
Size: 10.3"x11.3"

A canoe with sail.
Seafaring activities were of greast importance to the ancient Hawaiians and petroglyphs of canoes and paddlemen are depicted in Hawaiian rock art.

Hawaiian petroglyph

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Item: #A821
Culture: Hawaiian
Size: 5.0"x15.0"

Men in a column.
These five men are part of a long petroglyph depicting many men in a row. The figures are carved into the rock near Puako, Hawaii. $44

rainbow man Hawaiian petroglyph
1.5" wide oak frame
finished in walnut stain

Item: #229
Culture: Hawaiian
Size: 14.0"x14.0"

Rainbow man.
This human-like figure has what is called a rainbow over his head. The figure may represent a deity ceremonial participant or a person of authority. Carved in quartzite.

Hawaiian runner petroglyph

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Item: #A636
Culture: Hawaiian
Size: 11.6"x11.6"

This petroglyph of an ancient Hawaiian runner is found along the Kaeo Trail, Puako, Hawaii. 


suspended on brass pins in a 1.5" wide oak frame

Item: #S075
Culture: Hawaiian
Size: 20.0"x13.8"

Two Anthropomorphs.
These two human like figures are carved into the lava rock near Puako, Hawaii. 

Shipping is $13.00 each, except for large pieces where an individual shipping cost is shown.

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Hawaiian petroglyph clock

Hawaiian petroglyph clock
carved on ceramic tile

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southwestern decor hanger

self leveling 'saw tooth' hanger

"D" ring hanger
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