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Sand Carved Designs makes southwest decor art products for you. We make accurate and detailed replicas of actual southwest petroglyphs carved into stone framed for hanging on your walls and into unframed stone for display on your shelf, desk or floor. We also carve some these same petroglyph images into glassware mugs for your everyday use.

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About us   and why we promote southwest decor petroglyphs for your home and office.

We believe rock art sites should be protected from destruction and be appreciated for the beautiful prehistoric art they represent. Sand Carved Designs was founded to make detailed petroglyph replicas available to people who have not had the opportunity to visit rock art sites, as well as people who have visited and want something more substantial than a photograph as a remembrance. We believe petroglyph images carved in stone and displayed where they can be seen and enjoyed everyday will help to cultivate an atmosphere of appreciation for prehistoric Native American art.

Petroglyphs are carved one at a time from photographs of taken at various rock art sites. The stone is selected for aesthetic attributes of color, texture and contrast. All work including framing or mounting is done by the artist. 

Each order ships with a card identifying the rock art site associated with the southwest decor piece and the information we know about the individual image. The artist does not interpret the meaning of the rock art, but rather recreates it for the beautiful prehistoric art it is. 



June 2014 -
Artist Donald Austin at Stonehenge, UK  
Evelyn Austin photo.

Articles about Rock Art
Making Southwest Rock Art
from actual Petroglyphs
Why buy Petroglyph Replicas?
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Upcoming Shows                 

                  October 2-5, 2015       
                          Utah Rock Art Research Association (URARA) Symposium
                          Escalante High School               
                          Escalante, Utah


Photo Gallery

Our Photo Gallery contains captioned pictures of rock art petroglyphs and pictographs from sites we have visited. Clicking on the 'Enter Rock Art Photo Gallery' link will take you to our petroglyph album at
where you will be able to choose the site you wish to view and read original content articles about rock art. 



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What is... Rock Art
can be generally categorized into three basic types:

Petroglyphs are carved, pecked, chipped or abraded into stone.  more petroglyph information 

Pictographs are painted onto stone and are much more fragile than petroglyphs.  more pictograph information

Intaglios are large ground drawings created by removing the pebbles that make up desert pavement.  more intaglio information

Testimonials & Marketing Successes

Just received the petroglyph and WOW, I am absolutely BLOWN away by it! Outstanding craftsmanship! The photo did not do it justice at all! I am very, very happy with the piece and will watch for future shamans on your site to purchase.  Jim  March 2012

Thank you so much, I can't tell you how much I have enjoyed my wine glasses and can't wait for the others to arrive.  The ones I gave as gifts were just what I wanted and were a big hit. Thanks again and I'll be looking forward to Thursday. Beverly    February 2011

I built the petroglyphs you made from my photos into the wall around my house. ... came out stunning, now my neighbor wants to do the same thing...  Jeff , Omaha, NE   January 2010
The petroglyph arrived today and I am really blown away... I loved the way it looked from the picture you sent, but in person it looks even better than expected.  Your work is absolutely beautiful, I hope that I can get in touch with you in the future to make more carvings from other pictures I will be taking... just awesome. 
Scott,  Aurora,  Colorado    April 2009.

Just wanted to let you know that the petroglyph arrived.  I love it!  It's stunning!  I will certainly be checking your website periodically.   Vivian   December 2008

WOW!  The petroglyphs are unbelievable!  I LOVE them!  Thank you SO much!!!  I love the detailed edge, everything about them is wonderful: the beautiful stone, the images!! Thanks again for your beautiful work!  It makes an old desert rat like me very happy!   Mary,  Addison, TX August 2007

We received the two Shaman pieces yesterday and love them!  They are fantastic and look fabulous in the room we just redid. Thanks again for making such lovely pieces!  Carol, VA February 2007

Your tile work is beautiful and each time we open the door to our new bath, we are, once again, entering our own "canyon"...  the most amazing find of our project was happening onto your web-site and discovering the awesome work you do in re-creating petroglyphs!  Nancy, Quartz Hill, CA   August 2006

The awards were beautiful, everyone raved about them.  I really enjoyed doing business with you.  You were responsive, professional and simply a joy to work with. 
Patrice - National Bar Association  Atlanta  3/2005

Hi Don - Received my package yesterday. I LOVE THE PETROGLYPHS.  You did an awesome job! Thanks so much. Receiving them really brightened my day!    Linda, Sandia Park, NM  9/04 

I want to thank you for creating the perfect petroglyph ornamentation for what was once a dull and endless garden wall. When I saw your work for the first time, I knew it was just what I was looking for... When I look out my kitchen window now, I experience the warmth of color, the excitement of seeing something imaginative, and a feeling of timelessness.
It's wonderful!  Thank you!  Ann 4/03

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